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Cryptocurrency Crime Investigations, KYT/ AML Services
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Delegate your crypto compliance routine and secure your business
Crypto Companies
Manage your risks, control transactions and stability of your crypto business
Configure your own risk risk model in minutes
Use your personal data tagging
Monitor crypto wallets for AML compliance
Financial Institutions
Ensure compliance and security with our KYT and AML services
High-risk wallets and transactions screening
Access via API to the services
Flexible risk scoring
Government Agencies
Leverage our advanced investigative tools and expertise
Crypto crime investigations
Suspicious funds flow control
VASPs risk control
Our comprehensive approach ensures thorough analysis and swift resolution, making us the trusted partner
Comprehensive investigation service
Investigate crypto crime and keep it in your personal account
Manage your investigations using statuses, your own data tags, and users permissions manager
Use our marked up data and add your own data tags
Monitor high-risk activity
Crypto crime risk management
Control VASPs risk level
Manage your own risk model or use ready-to-use settings
Know Your Transaction
Activity tracking
Track seized funds movements
Get notifications about suspicious transactions
Bittrace platform advantages
Gain a competitive edge with our extensive coverage across major blockchain networks, including ETH, BTC, BSC, TRON, Polygon
ERC-20 tokens support
This unique capability ensures a holistic view and accurate risk assessment
Our cutting-edge approach involves consolidating data from multiple sources to annotate wallet information
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Questions & Answers
How does your KYT service enhance our existing crypto compliance measures?
KYT continuously monitors transactions in real-time, swiftly detecting and preventing compliance breaches, reinforcing your overall compliance strategy.
Does your platform have the capability to identify addresses and service providers associated with dark markets?
Yes, our platform is designed to detect addresses and service providers linked to dark markets, scam etc., providing an additional layer of security in identifying and mitigating potential risks.
How quickly can KYT be implemented into our existing crypto infrastructure and AML processes?
KYT offers a swift implementation process into your current crypto infrastructure. Using flexible options like APIs, the integration aligns seamlessly with your existing AML processes for quick and efficient deployment.
What distinguishes KYT from traditional AML solutions in the context of crypto transactions?
KYT's dynamic and proactive approach ensures real-time scrutiny of individual transactions, providing immediate detection and prevention of potential risks in crypto transactions.
Is KYT scalable for both small startups and larger enterprises in the crypto space?
Absolutely. KYT is scalable and adaptable for businesses of all sizes within the crypto space, offering a customized solution for crypto compliance, AML, and transaction monitoring.
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